Scale social impact equitably with secure, inclusive, AI and XAI-driven solutions at the edge.


Verified event-streaming APIs for building knowledge-less ESG and social impact applications.

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Scale social impact with human-centered data identity security storage infrastructure built for community.

We believe that the foundation of safe and equitable AI for humanity begins with a focus on impact, robust identity verification, and human-centric system design between all stakeholders. And that’s not easy.

We want to help change that.

Orchestrate and monitor shared or internal initiatives in your hubs with diverse stakeholders using multiple applications and AI models.


Create workflows and goals for your initiatives within hubs to privately engage people in disadvantaged communities, certain lived experiences, or specific stakeholders such as domain experts based on verified decentralized identities, not public data.


Choose from hundreds of integrations, like Salesforce or Submittable, to embed grounded truth into initiatives and create cloud data pipelines that can trigger ethical actions, automate risk assessments, or even train your AI models on human-centric bias, ethics, and values.


Dynamically update your web content in real-time with human-centered values based on real identities and lived experiences from interactions with hubs. Social impact professionals can also measure and visualize verifiable social impact with workflow data.


We continue to push the needle behind breakthrough open models, frameworks, specifications, and HCXAI strategies for AI solution infrastructure and orchestration.

Understanding and Managing Language Density in AI Models

As AI technology advances, the complexity and intricacy of natural language processing (NLP) become more apparent. A recent study titled “Human languages with greater information density have higher communication speed but...

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Advancing Inclusive Community Data for the Department of Energy division NREL’s Solar Data Sharing Initiative

The Solar Data Initiative is a collaborative effort originally launched by NREL, the R&D division of the U.S. Department of Energy, that invites communities, solar PV system owners, and stakeholders to...

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We believe in the limitless opportunities that opening, sharing, and collaborating around data can create to draw out new insights, make better decisions, and improve efficiencies when tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
Burton Davis - Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft

Align your values, policies, and AI ethics with intergovernmental guidance and reports

Edge Infrastructure

Use our one-click orchestrator to deploy and manage your own edge data infrastructure and safely and ethically process human centered data in trusted local hubs built for multicloud.

Verifiable Identity

User account authentication increase harm for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. Withe


We are building social networks for social impact.

One safe and easy way to discover and participate with businesses, organizations, and apps creating real and verified social impact in your local community.

Why CitiWave

A free and easy way to build safe social experiences around community engagement that makes sustainable impact measurable and meaningful.

A resident of the Kalaloa St. community became a participator to drive Gender Equality through L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.

Local Businesses

Launch and amplify community-driven campaigns right from your own website, growing sales and building loyalty through meaningful social impact.


Facilitate impactful engagement and direct community involvement, enhancing the effectiveness and reach of advocacy and charitable activities.


Actively engage in local sustainability initiatives, earn rewards, and keep your personal info from being exploited —all while directly enriching your community.

Community-driven social responsibility made easy.

By placing a single button on your website, your brand can safely and privately engage citizens into the entire lifecycle of your brand's commitment to social responsibility and community impact.

Describes the communities that your customers are a part of or care about when they engage into sustainable development through your brand.

Describes the actions citizens can take through your brand to drive sustainable change in their communities.

Describes the results of their collective actions in communities related impact credits sponsored by local non-profits you support.

Describes the efficacy and transparency of the results of your initiatives reported through your brand’s efforts to empower communities through social responsibility. 

Empowered citizens with their own smart city data meet community needs faster than government can.

CitiWave streamlines the way citizens get access to and handle their own public and community data that matters most to them, making it easier to independently and collectively drive impactful change in their community.

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Infrastructure for empowering your community.

Safely interact with humanity and scale social impact without violating human rights.

We’re glad you’re here and we are committed to enabling you to control your identity, your data, and your rights. By syncing, we are providing you a safer alternative to login or signin so that you can enjoy a personalized and safe experience without signing over your human rights.

Learn More About Syncing Your Privacy Preferences

Your Privacy and Digital Identity, Your Control

At Citi Wave, Inc. (, we believe in putting you in control of your personal data and digital identity across the web. 

By syncing, you can control how we handle your information to ensure a personalized and safe experience that empowers you to take be in control even when you leave to navigate across the web.

Personalized Settings: Syncing or "sync" allows you to control your identity and rights across our platform and take take them with you across the web. This means you can choose how your data is collected, used, and shared here and beyond.

Consistent Experience: Your preferences here will be applied every time you visit our site, ensuring a consistent experience that respects the values, rights, and lived experiences across the web and beyond our platform.

Transparency: We provide clear and detailed information about how your data is used, so you can make informed decisions about how to engage with our platforms and so we can make better decisions about how we engage with you.

Syncing is a convenient alternative to signing in or login. By syncing, you can enjoy a personalized experience without needing to create an account, login with a 3rd party account, or remember passwords.

Data Collection Control: You decide what types of data you’re comfortable sharing, including cookies, usage data, and personal information.

Communication Preferences: Manage how you receive updates and marketing communications from us.

Security Assurance: Rest assured that your data is in your control and secured by you or your trusted partner with industry-leading security measures.

Data Control and Portability: You have the right to control your data and request a copy of data produced through interacting with our websites in a format that is portable across the web, online and offline.

Correction and Deletion: If any information is incorrect, you can submit corrections. You also have the right to request the deletion of your data.

Opt-Out: You can opt-out of certain data processing activities, such as automated or AI driven experiences at any time.

Data cards are a new way for digital services to be transparent about how they use your data. By syncing, you enable us to generate a personalized data card that is instantly portable across the web, online and offline, providing you with a clear and comprehensive view of your data usage.

Set Your Preferences: After syncing, choose your privacy settings based on your comfort level. Options include data processing preferences (for instance, race and gender), AI opt-in, and more.

Review and Adjust: You can review and adjust your preferences at any time by accessing your account settings.

Enjoy a Tailored Experience: Once synced, enjoy a customized experience on our platform that aligns with your privacy choices. Syncing also enables us to generate a personalized data card that is instantly portable across the web, online and offline.